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iStock_000066110259_SmallIf you slip and fall in front of a business, what are your rights? Should you expect the business owner to take responsibility for what happened? When you fall, any injury sustained could end up being a serious one. Whether you need surgery for a broken bone or you end up needing regular chiropractic care for years after the injury, the injury impacts your life. It can result in a lot of medical expenses, time off of work with lost pay, and even emotional injury. When you have such an experience because of neglect, you need to know what your rights are.

3 Reasons to Hire a Snow Removal Accident Expert

Slipping and falling due to an icy sidewalk is not just embarrassing, it can cause a lot of damage. The law recognizes this and has come up with some specific regulations pertaining to slip and fall accidents and liability. A snow removal accident expert can give you more information about the following:

  1. Duty of Care by Business Owners. All businesses have the duty to care for the property surrounding their business. In fact, writer David Goguen, J.D. says that business owners are required to “promptly” remove snow and ice to protect passersby from injury. When they don’t do this, they are liable for your injuries due to neglect. An expert witness can evaluate the situation and accident scene to help prove neglect.
  2. Reasonable Expectations. A snow removal accident expert can also explain that business owners are expected to do what’s reasonable. And, what’s reasonable in one city or state may be different from another. Having expert input will allow you to make your case detailing whether or not the business owner complied with reasonable expectations.
  3. When the Government Is At Fault. If you fell in front of a government building, you’ll definitely want an expert on your side. There is a certain amount of governmental immunity that your expert can talk to you about. Getting a legal case against the government can be very difficult. Having expert advice can guide you toward the path you can and should take.

You Deserve an Expert in Your Corner

Those you are suing will often have experts of their own. In order to ensure you get the justice you deserve, you should have a snow removal accident expert to give you the advice you need to make the right decisions. The hiring of an expert witness will lend credibility, in many cases, if his or her opinion supports the evidence. Contact Jeremy Swenson Consulting today for more information.


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