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Last winter revealed an alarming trend regarding snow and ice-related injuries due to ice and snow that was not removed. This creates a liability for property owners and businesses which can lead to a case of negligence. But Swenson Consulting is working to help this situation and protect people at the same time.

Last year alone, there were thousands of slip and fall injuries due to ice-covered sidewalks, pathways, and driveways. This has become a growing concern for property owners and agencies alike who are responsible for an area that accumulates snow and ice during the winter months. For city sidewalks, which are the responsibility of the municipal government, the legal responsibility belongs to the government agency such as municipal governments. In the case of personal or business property, a business or individual may be sued for negligence if this is proven in court.

This issue begs the question of what constitutes negligence and has many businesses scared that they will find themselves involved in this type of situation during the winter months.

Negligence is defined generally as legal liability that falls on a property owner because they either “knew or should have known” that something was dangerous or could create a harmful situation for people who were in the vicinity or on the property. Snow and ice that accumulate during the winter months constitute such a situation if individuals failed to remove such ice and snow from the path of passersby or patrons.

On April 1st, 2015, Swenson Consulting launched a new website:, devoted to the consultation of businesses regarding effective snow removal, expert witness procedures, and informing the client about their rights and responsibilities regarding ice-related injuries. Swenson Consulting takes their client’s needs very seriously and will consult with them about their legal risks and procedures involved in an ice-related case.

Businesses and individuals need to protect themselves from negligence cases by making sure they do what is necessary to protect their customers, patrons, and others from slip and fall injuries. This involves the following:

  • Making sure they remove any obvious dangers and warning people in cases when it is impossible to remove the danger
  • Educating business owners and individuals about their responsibilities according to the law on slip and fall injuries
  • Pointing them to the right resources to help them take care of their snow and ice removal issues to prevent legal problems due to personal injury
  • Being a resource to business owners so that they take the proper steps to avoid legal issues due to ice-related injuries

Many negligence cases are won on the “failure to warn” issue alone.

Owner of Swenson Consulting, Jeremy Swenson, said, “We want to protect both businesses and private property owners by arming them with the information they need to avoid negligence claims by proper removal of snow and ice, expert witness procedures, and an understanding of what constitutes negligence. By knowing the legal procedures and processes, and understanding what to do to protect themselves, people are less likely to be taken to task over the issue if there is an injury.”

Most importantly, by consulting with and evaluating the individual property owners’ situation, they can advise them as to what measures they should take in order to protect their customers from personal injury and accident. In short, this is not only advisable from a legal standpoint, but also just good business. Jeremy Swenson has been instrumental in helping both individuals and business owners to protect themselves and their financial situation by avoiding and fighting negligence cases in a variety of contexts.

Jeremy is a Certified Snow Professional (CSP) which is considered the gold standard for those who value professionalism and excellence in the snow and ice industry. He works hard to keep current with the industry trends in snow removal so that he can help people avoid the legal repercussions during snow and ice season, or anytime.

The best defense from snow and ice-related negligence cases is to take care of the snow and ice before it happens. Because if the ice is not there, no one can fall on it.

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