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Jeremy Swenson started Snowmen Inc, one of the largest snow and ice management companies in the United States.  As an active founder, he worked every snow and ice storm for the last 20 years and has successfully managed one of the largest snow removal operations in the United States today.  Jeremy is familiar with the most modern methods of snow and ice removal operations, procedures, equipment, contracts and the types of de-icers used in the snow removal industry today.  He has successfully navigated hundreds of slip and fall accidents and snow removal related incidents.  After overseeing thousands of commercial accounts over the years, he has worked through most every issue that is relevant to a snow removal operation in the industry.

Jeremy is one of the few founders of a large scale snow removal operation that started as a subcontractor shoveling snow off sidewalks and chipping ice with ice scrapers to keep sidewalks clean.  Over the years Jeremy has spent hundreds of hours working with ATV’s, Plow Trucks, Skid Steers, Salters, and other types of specialized snow equipment.  This “hands on” experience has given Jeremy a unique experience on snow removal operations and services that is hard to find in the industry today.  Jeremy was the founder and CEO of Snowmen, Inc. and spent 20 years working in a sophisticated command center on a four acre property that was built and custom designed by Jeremy for the snow and ice business.  Snowmen Inc’s only business year round is snow and ice management services. Snowmen employs year round personnel and runs over 200 pieces of plow and salt equipment every snow and ice event.

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