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Winterize Your Property

10 Tips to Winterize Your Property

As temperature lows are approaching the 30s here in the Kansas City area, it’s time to start thinking about winter weather preparation. Here are some things that both homeowners, renters, and commercial property owners alike should consider to prepare for…

Pros And Cons Of Using Salt Brine As A Snow Removal Method

Pros and Cons of Using Salt Brine as a Snow Removal Method

To maintain safe access for staff and customers during the winter, small business owners must provide snow and ice removal for their premises. For efficient snow and ice management, various techniques and materials are available. Using salt brine, which is…

Snow Removal Safety Measures

Preventing Accidents: Essential Snow Removal Safety Measures

Although a fresh snowfall can be a wonderful sight, a business owner must take action right away. After a storm, parking lots and walkways must be immediately made safe for clients, consumers, and suppliers. Early snow and ice clearance not…

Slip And Fall On Ice Lawsuit

Navigating the Challenges of Ice Slip and Fall Litigation

You might receive compensation if you fall on another's property and file a slip and fall case. Prove property owner's fault in slip and fall cases under premises liability laws. This blog offers insight into slip-and-fall case difficulties and compensation…

What Is Black Ice And Why Is It So Dangerous

What is Black Ice and Why is it so Dangerous?

What is black ice, and what makes it so dangerous? Knowing what black ice on roads is and how to respond to it in case you come across it is crucial to keep you, your passengers, and others safe. It…

Snow Removal In My Rental: Who Is Responsible?

Snow Removal in my Rental: Who is Responsible?

What You Need to Know Public entities must maintain streets, curbs, and sidewalks in a clean condition in accordance with the standards outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act since they are regarded as public thoroughfares. Many local governments delegate…

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