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Jeremy Swenson, national snow expert witness, and CSP, Certified Snow Professional offers trustworthy, relevant consulting services at a national level for winter accident actions, including slip and fall incidents with experience representing both sides of the legal table.  Jeremy has a unique skill set in working with accidents involving snow, sleet, freezing rain, ice, black ice, freezing fog, and re-freezing.  Stationed in Kansas City, this section of the country receives 3x more icing events than snow events and most slip and falls occur because of ice or re-freeze related issues. Jeremy has worked on both sides of many cases from California to Massachusetts and many states in between including but limited to case reviews as a snow expert in Florida, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, and many more.


Services Include:

Snow Plowing Consultant and Expert Witness

Salting and De-Icing Consultant and Expert Witness

Snow and Ice Slip and Fall Expert Witness

National Snow Removal Expert Witness

Detailed Analysis & Review of Accident Site on Location with Photographs & Written Report

Video Depositions or Deposition at Your Location

Trial Testimony Services

Weather Conditions Expert Witness

snow expert witness

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