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When is the last time you read your snow removal contract? Do you know the fine print? With a decision as important as the standards for snow and ice removal to keep anyone on your property safe, it’s vital to know the details of your contract and to make sure you choose an experienced snow and ice event, management team. Jeremy Swenson, Snow and Ice Expert suggests that you discuss these standards in your contract with your snow removal team:


When signing any contract, each party is responsible for knowing what is and what is not included in the agreement. You must make sure you define exactly what you need from your snow and ice management company so you are prepared and safe during winter weather.

Ask Questions Like:

1. What areas of the property are covered?

2. Will the service include plowing and ice removal?

3. How are sidewalks treated?

4. Is the team familiar with the layout of the property?

5. Are there any fixtures to be considered for special treatment?

6. What are the snow and ice removal standards of care?

The snow and ice removal company should be upfront about the parameters of the job. Request the terms of their standard of care in writing to make sure it lines up with what you have in mind. Swenson Consulting encourages full transparency to ensure clients are safe and satisfied.

Facing Unexpected Weather Changes

As winter weather gets more unpredictable every year, weather patterns are harder to track. It’s important to ensure your snow and ice management company accounts for the unpredictability of weather events and includes a list of what situations ecru extra charges.

Will cost increase for more serious weather or above-average snowfall?

What is the rate for extended hours during these more unusual events?

When the temperature drops below zero, is it promised they will still service your property?


You and your team need to have an understanding of the scope of responsibility for your property. This may involve a complete understanding of the property layout, what is and is not covered for snow and ice removal and what constitutes a snow and ice event during inclement weather. Making sure perimeters are well defined can save the property owner from liability from snow and ice slip and fall injuries.

Jeremy Swenson, an experienced event management expert, has years of experience making sure homes are safe every winter. Call Swenson Consulting snow and ice management expert for help regarding your snow and ice management contract questions.

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