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In order to be an expert in ice removal, one needs to first of all have a thorough understanding of the weather patterns of your locale. If you live in an area that receives a lot of ice storms, then concerns about snow and the phenomena of black ice are probable and in  some weather conditions, inevitable.

How Black Ice Can Affect Your Business

If you operate a business that has a lot of exterior traffic, then you should be aware of how black ice could ultimately affect your business. A snow expert who knows how to treat black ice can educate companies and identify potential pitfalls that can result. Black ice around commercial property may result in any of the following:

Slips and Falls

This is something that can happen very easily because black ice can be difficult to spot. Concerns about employees and members of the public slipping and falling and injuring themselves are of utmost concern.

Liability Issues

Along with those slips and falls, there comes the potential for liability issues. You are going to need to educate your employees ahead of time about the dangers from black ice and oversee them to be sure they are following all of the proper procedures for your workplace.


Black ice is one of the most dangerous items related to driving automobiles. Businesses that rely on driving, such as delivery services and public transportation companies will certainly be impacted by black ice and cannot always avoid delays, cancellations and interruption in service.

An Ounce of Prevention

You cannot prevent black ice from affecting your business but you can take measures to prepare. Black ice experts recommend preparations by following the weather reports, and when needed, follow a salting plan or hire a salting and deicing provider. Alert your employees to the potential dangers by putting out good signage during storms and bad weather conditions. In some weather conditions, it may be better just to advise workers to stay home and not take risks by coming into the office altogether. Taking these steps and more should help your business but be sure and hire an expert to create and review your snow and ice removal plan before the weather happens.

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