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If you have a dog or cat and you live where there is snow, you’ve likely had your pet suddenly start limping as you travel down the sidewalk or street. Normal road salt contains de-icing chemicals and they can burn a pet’s paws, causing serious pain. Also, some dogs and cats lick their paws trying to relieve the burn and they ingest these chemicals which are also harmful.

Many people put “booties” on their dogs and cats and that works for many, but some animals hate the feeling of them and they won’t budge until they get them off. (Maybe they’re embarrassed if their friends will see them.)

Pet-Friendly Salt

snow removal expert witnessThere is a solution and so far we have received mostly favorable reviews from users we have contacted. Morton makes one brand Safe-T-Pet Ice Melt and their literature says “Morton Safe-T-Pet Ice Melt is a salt-free ice melt developed with veterinarian to be safer for pets, people, plants and surfaces than plain salt. Keep your property free and clear of dangerous ice, while keeping your pets and plants safe.”

Winter is a wonderful time of year and everyone should enjoy the snow, but safety should always be in mind when venturing out in the cold, and that includes our pets.

Snow Removal Expert

If you’re not sure about how you pet is handling the winter or you think there may be something wrong always consult your veterinarian. If you need a safety audit of your property or business premises to make sure customers and employees are safe, call us at (816) 564-9131.


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