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Many people look to expert witness snow and ice removal professionals when deciding whether or not to hire a professional snow removal company. Questions such as, “How big should my property be before I hire a snow removal company?” “What factors should I consider when deciding whether to hire professionals to remove snow and ice?” “Does the size of the storm matter?” are often asked of expert snow witnesses. The decision to hire a professional snow removal service depends on various factors beyond just the size of your property. While property size is an essential consideration, it’s not the only determining factor. Here are some key factors to consider when deciding whether or not to hire a professional snow removal company:

1. Property Size and Layout:

The larger your property, the more time and effort it will take to clear the snow manually. Generally, hiring a professional snow removal service becomes more practical if you have a property with a substantial driveway, walkways, parking areas, and multiple entrances.

2. Local Climate and Snowfall:

Consider the typical snowfall and weather patterns in your area. If you live in a region with heavy snowfall or frequent snowstorms, it might be more efficient and safer to hire professionals who have the right equipment and expertise to handle substantial snow accumulations.

3. Physical Ability and Health:

Shoveling snow can be physically demanding, especially when dealing with wet, heavy snow. If you or anyone on your property has health issues or physical limitations, hiring professionals can prevent potential injuries and health risks associated with snow removal. Many families can pitch in together and take shifts to make snow removal doable for everyone. Make sure everyone knows how to properly lift the snow and to take frequent breaks for water and rest.

4. Time Constraints:

Snow removal can be time-consuming, especially after a significant snowfall. If you have a busy schedule or travel frequently, hiring a snow removal service ensures that your property stays clear and accessible without requiring your constant attention. If you live in a college town, look for college-aged crews to help remove snow and keep your schedule freed up for your own responsibilities.

5. Safety Concerns:

Keeping your property clear of snow and ice is essential for safety reasons. Slippery surfaces can lead to accidents and injuries. Professional snow removal companies are equipped to handle snow and ice safely, reducing the risk of slip-and-fall incidents.

6. Equipment and Expertise:

Professional snow removal companies have the necessary equipment to efficiently clear snow from various surfaces, such as snowplows, blowers, and salt spreaders. They also have the expertise to handle different snow conditions effectively.

7. Cost and Budget:

Consider the cost of hiring a professional snow removal service versus the time, effort, and potential equipment costs associated with doing it yourself. Compare prices from different companies to find the most suitable option for your budget. Most companies want to contract out their work for a full season, while others will offer their services on a storm-by-storm basis. 

8. Liability and Insurance:

You could be held liable if you handle snow removal on your property and someone gets injured due to slippery conditions. Hiring a reputable snow removal service with liability insurance can protect you from potential legal and financial issues. Slip and fall accidents happen regularly on properties that ignore snow and ice removal.

9. Emergency Access:

Maintaining clear and safe paths is critical for commercial properties or areas with high foot traffic. Snow removal services can ensure emergency access routes, fire exits, and main walkways are promptly cleared and passable. Some small businesses put together a snow and ice removal team to serve their company. A family can do the same for a residential property. Pitching in to keep walkways clear of snow and ice will make the work lighter for everyone.

10. Landscaping and Property Maintenance:

Professional snow removal services are often skilled at preserving landscaping features and avoiding damage to property structures while clearing snow. This can be particularly important if delicate plants or hardscaping elements need protection during snow removal.


No matter what, the decision to hire a professional snow removal company or not is a personal one. There’s truly no right or wrong, just what’s best for you, your family, or your business. These are all factors that can help you make a decision that is best for you. Sometimes you can find a smaller snow removal company that will take on your property for individual storms. If you know a snowstorm is coming that will dump inches of snow on your residential or commercial property, reach out to a snow and ice removal expert near you.

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