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Snow Removal Expert Witness

The 2018-19 winter was one for the record books in some regions, for both temperature extremes and snowfall amounts. Many cities, towns, and businesses were not prepared and they suffered the consequences.

According to a CBC.a news story, Montreal expended its snow removal budget and had to dig into reserves to clear the streets of massive amounts of snow and many U.S. cities experienced the same scenario.

If you’re a business owner and pedestrian traffic has ingress and egress to your property over a sidewalk, driveway, or other pathway, it would be prudent for you to be certain about who is responsible for clearing/salting snow, ice (both on the ground and from above) and other hazards.

Pedestrians in some cities are forced to walk out in extreme winter weather because sidewalks are covered in snow and ice, and many accidents have occurred as a result.

Snow Removal Expert Witness

The City of Syracuse, New York, has a very high snowfall each year and they recently decided to hire a private contractor to clear the sidewalks. It’s just a pilot program and future contracts will be determined after studies are complete about the effectiveness of the endeavor.

What is your responsibility for removing snow and ice from sidewalks near your home or business? It depends where you are located, but you should definitely find out before you face a situation involving liability for an accident or injury or both.

Snow Removal Expert Witness

Jeremy Swenson has been working with property owners and business owners for many years to advise them on the best ways to keep people and property safe, and that should be everyone’s goal. You can reach Mr. Swenson at (816) 564-9131

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