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Snow ExpertWhat’s the standard approach to dealing with snow and ice? Plowing, shoveling, and salt, right? Using that approach you may reduce accidents but probably not prevent them altogether. The situation that many property owners don’t pay attention to until it’s too late.

Ice and snow on roofs can be extremely dangerous. It can build up over time to the point where it’s a danger to the structure of the roof itself and can cause a catastrophic collapse. You know it’s a serious situation when this happens: Roof Collapses at West Erie Roofing Company.

Snow can build up on a roof and fall on people, as in this tragic case: Falling snow kills mother, 7-year-old son in freak accident in Northern California.

Falling snow and ice can land on sidewalks causing hazardous slip and fall conditions, damage cars, or fall on people. The prudent thing to do if you have a large amount of snow on your roof or awning, is call a snow expert. Do not try to remove snow or ice off a high surface yourself, it is very dangerous. Call an expert for an assessment of your situation because, as Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Snow accidents, injuries, and deaths cause property owners to be placed in a very vulnerable position with regard to liability.

Snow ExpertSnow Expert

Jeremy Swenson is a leading authority in the mid-west on snow and ice issues and has helped hundreds of businesses devise risk-management plans for alleviating dangerous snow and ice conditions. Jeremy can be reached by calling (816) 564-9131.



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