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black iceBlack ice is a common term that is used to describe a condition of a light ice coating on the surface of a road or sidewalk. Black ice is highly hazardous and have dangers because it is nearly invisible. It is very slick because it has few air bubbles in it. You may not realize that you are approaching a patch of black ice until you are already upon it. When you hear about hazardous multi-vehicle pile-ups on the road they are often caused by the presence of black ice.

Black ice forms when a surface is wet and then freezes. The road or sidewalk may look as though it is wet, however, it may actually be covered in ice. This thin coating of ice can develop on any outdoor surface and can be difficult to remove. Black ice has dangers when snow falls on top of it. The ice cannot be seen at all, potentially causing many accidents and falls.

Slip and fall accidents as well as traffic accidents increase during the winter months when black ice occurs. A snow removal expert witness can be helpful for this type of black ice situation because he or she has the knowledge and expertise to analyze and evaluate the circumstances before and after the incident occurred. A snow removal consulting expert is also familiar with the proper removal techniques and dangers to provide an understanding of the circumstances, weather and treatment options.

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