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List of Items to Check for Snow and Ice Removal

Snow and ice are weather conditions that occur many times during the winter months. The ice removal needs to be done properly in order to reduce the dangers of walking and driving. Roads and sidewalks need to be treated to remove the snow and ice that has built up. There are many details that need to be reviewed by your snow removal company in order to provide the best possible results. Some of these factors include:

  • The Type of Snow or Ice
  • Length of the Precipitation Event
  • Temperature Swings in and out of Freeze Zones that Impact Refreezing (especially on raised surfaces)
  • Wind Chill Factors
  • Previous Snow and Ice Buildup
  • Previous Snow Removal Techniques

Wet snow is heavy because it contains a large percentage of water. This type of snow is also known as “heart attack snow” because those who are elderly or out of shape could suffer a heart attack trying to shovel it. Some snow is dry and powdery and can be swept away with the wind. These many variations need to be considered when deciding how to remove it from walkways and roads.

It is usually a difficult task to completely get rid of snow and ice in an area. Snow removal that is done improperly could create a hazardous situation. If someone gets into a vehicle accident or falls on ice or snow litigation may be necessary. A snow removal expert witness is available to assist attorneys during the process. A qualified expert witness in snow and ice removal evaluates all the factors in the situation and provides the high quality details and testimony required in these types of cases.

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