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Interpreting Weather Conditions for a Particular Day Requires Experience and Skill

weather-expert-witnessHow often does your local TV weather-person provide an accurate forecast? It may depend on where you live, because some areas are more volatile regarding the sudden formation of rain storms and other phenomena. Overall, they seem to be pretty reliable.

Did you ever wonder how people predicted the weather long ago? The answer is “poorly” because they had none of the methods we use today, like satellites and sophisticated computers that interpret historical data to make mostly-accurate predictions about future weather.

In 1900 a devastating hurricane pulverized the city of Galveston, Texas and thousands lost their lives. Barometers were in existence at the time and they alerted the areas chief meteorologist that something dreadful was approaching as pressure dropped. People didn’t heed his warnings, and so too many were killed in the most devastating loss of life from one storm in U.S. history.

What is a Weather Expert Witness?

A weather expert witness is concerned with weather that was, not weather that will be. The reason for contacting a weather expert witness most often involves what is known as a “weather audit” – a detailed report of conditions on a particular day. This information is helpful when it is necessary to document conditions that may have contributed to an event, most often an accident.

Car accidents, structural failures, slip and fall mishaps, and many other incidents are related to weather conditions, and reliable documentation is necessary when a case may be brought to court.

The documentation about weather conditions is valuable by and of itself, but what is usually necessary for a judge or jury to understand the technical data is an expert witness.

What Qualifies Someone to be a Weather Expert Witness?

Mr. Jeremy Swenson is the founder and owner of Snowmen, Inc. – one of the largest snow and ice removal companies in the United States. Over the years he has been called upon to be a weather prognosticator due to the fact that he must often decide when and where to deploy resources for the winter storms that are usually erratic and unpredictable.

Because of his vast experience with snow and ice, Jeremy is often called upon to analyze and interpret weather data for court cases where the conditions may have contributed to a particular incident. He has earned a sterling reputation for presenting evidence and opinions in a manner that is clear and concise.

Mr. Swenson can be reached by calling 816-564-9131

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