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An expert witness may provide information and testimony about specialized and technical concepts, such as snow and ice removal. This person has knowledge that attorneys, judges, and others involved with the case may or may not have directly. There are professional certifications in the snow and ice removal service industry that are highly specialized and provide training which usually takes hundreds of hours to pass and yearly requirements to maintain.

The following is an explanation of several specific roles of the snow removal expert witness and some of their key responsibilities. You could expect an expert witness to:

Assist with Research

Because of their specialized knowledge, expert witnesses can do more than just testify in court. They can also assist attorneys and clients with research necessary to a case. An expert witness in snow and ice removal, for example, could research the facts of a slip and fall case. He or she could also clarify local ordinances regarding snow removal.

At any stage of case planning, an expert can analyze and explain data and other technical information. In some cases, experts can perform original scientific experiments and tests that will add further clarity to the case. This might also assist lawyers in helping them to understand which specialized questions would be relevant.

Provide Testimony and Evidence

Perhaps most commonly, expert witnesses provide testimony in court. Ideally, an expert will work with either the prosecution or the defense, remaining a neutral party. According to Expert Pages, an online directory of expert witnesses, judges and juries are more accepting of witnesses who are trusted by both sides. In addition to testifying in court, experts might also testify at a deposition.

In the courtroom, an expert can explain the specialized and scientific aspects of what happened. In a snow and ice removal accident, an expert witness might explain common snow removal procedures and equipment, clarifying what happened in an accident. They might also present or explain evidence that is relevant to the case.

Explain Specialized Concepts

One of the most important roles of the expert witness is to explain specialized concepts. According to, experts called upon must have specialized knowledge and skills, as well as experience and training that is relevant to the details of an actual case.

Extensive credentials and real-world experience will allow the expert to clarify concepts that are relevant to the case. Without an expert, the court might be left guessing about a certain fact. An expert witness makes specialized concepts clearer, which helps the court understand every aspect of a case situation. This expert knowledge is also useful in the research and planning stages, as discussed above. Contact Swenson Consulting for more expert witness information.

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