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Sometimes, something as harmless as de-icing becomes very dangerous. At least, that was the case when an employee of Logan Airport was hurt when he fell off of a bucket truck that had tipped over. The de-icing truck was destabilized when it made contact with an Alaska Airlines aircraft.

“’The wing hit the guy that was de-icing the plane,’” said passenger Scott Mather. “’And the hose got wrapped up in his legs and pulled him off the cherry picker,’” reported CBS Boston. While no one was seriously injured during this event, it received considerable news coverage.

De-icing: who knew it could be so dangerous? Accidents like the one that happened at Logan Airport remind us that de-icing can be perilous. Thankfully, when a de-icing accident happens, a snow slip and fall expert can be a lifesaver for businesses and slip and fall victims.  

Call a Snow Expert Before De-Icing Becomes Dangerous

A snow slip and fall expert is a professional who wears a variety of hats. He or she…

• Can help prepare businesses dealing with the possibility of snow and ice related accidents by implementing a snow removal and ice removal plan

• Manages snow removal initiatives during weather events.  

• Has extensive knowledge of snow removal best practices and helps or consults businesses on how to implement them.

Need a Snow Slip and Fall Expert? Contact Jeremy Swenson

Frankly, a snow expert witness isn’t all that easy to find. It takes many years for an individual to glean the experience and education necessary to become a snow slip-and-fall expert. If you are seeking the services of this type of professional, snow expert witness Jeremy Swenson can be of help to you.snow slip and fall expert

Since one fall on an icy surface of a business’s property can cause financial ruin, it’s wise for business owners to have a snow slip and fall expert on dial, so to speak. If you are a business owner or someone who has been injured in an ice-related accident, reach out to snow expert witness Jeremy Swenson. Snow slip and fall expert Jeremy Swenson has dealt with hundreds of accidents, and he is well equipped to handle yours. Contact snow expert witness Jeremy Swenson today.

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