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For business owners, premises liability is a constant concern. If someone suffers physical injury on a commercial property as the result of hazardous conditions, the legal and financial penalties could be devastating. All company owners have a legal responsibility to maintain safe environments for customers, guests, and other lawful visitors. This requirement is often referred to a property owner’s care of duty. Properties and grounds that pose unreasonable risks can leave business owners responsible for paying massive claim settlements. The need for property cleanliness and safety is never greater than in the winter months. Snow and ice accumulations can pose tremendous slip-and-fall hazards both indoors and out. When encountering icy surfaces outdoors, consumers can easily lose their footing. When the resulting snow and ice-melt are tracked inside, they can leave interior flooring slick, slippery, and difficult to safely traverse.

snow slip and fall expert
Man Slipped And Injured Back On Icy Street

Slip and fall accidents can lead to severe and long-lasting physical injuries. This is especially true when people slip and fall on ice. These events have left people with:

  • Fractured and broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Contusions
  • Bruises
  • Deep cuts and lacerations

Slip and fall accidents on icy surfaces can even be responsible for traumatic brain injuries and death. For these and many other reasons, it’s important for companies to have solid plans in place for managing and clearing icy surfaces. With the right help, your business can safely accommodate high-volume traffic on even the snowiest, iciest days of the year, and without experiencing any devastating injury events.

The Widespread Benefits of Having an Effective Snow and Ice Removal Plan

Slip and fall accidents involving ice aren’t always clear-cut. There are some instances in which accident victims are held partially or completely liable for their own injuries. Although building owners should make a diligent effort to clear all walkways and other paths that are used by visitors, those walking on these surfaces should use the increased caution that cold weather merits. For instance, someone who chooses to run on a slippery walkway and falls, isn’t exercising reasonable care of their own.

Notwithstanding this fact, it’s important for business owners to do all that they can to protect themselves. When the cold weather season hits, property owners are at risk of facing both legitimate and frivolous premises liability lawsuits. Building owners who are visibly negligent in this respect can become a prime target for unethical individuals looking to take advantage of such opportunities. It’s additionally important to note that legitimate slip and fall accidents on a commercial property can be detrimental to companies in a vast range of ways. Consumers are far more likely to visit and patronize businesses that are committed to maintaining clean, safe, easy-to-traverse entryways and walkways. After all, no one wants to risk breaking their hip just to go to a favorite store.

Keeping walkways clear of potentially hazardous coatings is a great way for companies to show their respect and concern for the well-being of their clients. Businesses don’t want to develop lasting reputations for property negligence, particularly when this negligence becomes detrimental to their customers. Diligence in clearing away ice and snow accumulations also detracts from the veracity of negligence-related claims when companies must defend themselves against illegitimate or frivolous premises liability suits.

Outsourcing these efforts is a great way to keep properties consistently safe and hazard-free. By hiring third-parties to complete this work, companies can:

  • Establish effective and needs-specific schedules for ice and snow removal
  • Avoid having to divert trained talent away from their regular responsibilities to complete these chores
  • Ensure that the work is done completely and to an acceptably high standard
  • Maintain detailed records of this aspect of their premises maintenance

Premises liability claims can be costly for business owners in many ways. They can result in both significant payouts for injured parties and substantial losses of goodwill. Maintaining safe and welcoming properties is an important step in maintaining impressive commercial reputations. If you want to avoid the stress and hassle of having ill-maintained, icy surfaces during the winter months, we can help. Call us today at 816-564-9131.

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