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Due to recent winter storm events in the Northeast US, rock salt supplies are sparse and slowly thinning. This is extremely hard on contractors’ bins and the snow and ice industry in general. Not only are snow and ice removal contractors still recovering from supply chain issues, truck problems, and ocean shipping, but also managing the winter storm worries this weather has brought on. There are two concerns, obvious the ability to get hands on the raw materials as well as the transportation-which boils down to workers showing up to the job. As a cause of these harsh roadblocks, suppliers have resulted in not having the adequate amount of rock salt for specific contracts. 

Budgeting for Snow Removal

Of course budgeting ahead is a must for any snow and ice removal company. For community associations, shopping centers, and other properties with large parking lots and access roads, there are basically two methods used by snow removal companies: (1) per occurrence, or (2) seasonal. Seasonal arrangements require your removal company to respond each time there is a snowfall and they sometimes have a maximum number of responses after which there will be an additional charge per response. Because you can’t predict the future, you can look at the past. A ten year average of snowfall, dollars budgeted and dollars spent should give you an indication of which way to go in the future. Getting bids is a good idea and asking advice from your snow removal provider is prudent.

Preparing a snow removal budget is crucial to having enough funds to keep your plan on track and prevent dangerous situations from developing. But facing a supply chain issue can creating a dawnting situation when pushing through a prolonged winter season.

Preparing For What Comes 

If this snow and ice removal supply problem is the only one for the remainder of the winter, the damage will not be detrimental to the Snow and Ice industry.  Although, with limited supplies in use, if the Northeast US continues to experience this pattern of snow and icy weather, the industry of private contractors will struggle if the current supplies are not calculated.  Even if it is unexpected, winter could possibly last for another six weeks. It is important to plan ahead, prepare for the worst, and hope for the best as much as you can.

Best Advice on Snow and Ice

Jeremy Swenson, a snow and ice expert witness offers valuable support and information to business owners and legal professionals who are involved in lawsuits or accidents regarding the snow and ice management industry. Swenson Consulting has your back during this tough time of winter weather worries. Give Swenson Consulting a call for Snow and Ice Management advice today.

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