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New York City Manhattan during snow storm

Are you a renter? If so, do you have an idea of your renter’s rights? Some people are up on the latest regulations when it comes to the rights of a renter and the responsibilities of a landlord. Others aren’t as informed. Whatever category you fall into, you should know that your landlord has a responsibility to keep his/her property safe for renters. Whether they need to fix a sidewalk with huge cracks that can cause someone to trip and fall or there is a rickety banister in the house, as the property owner, it is their responsibility to take care of such things. If they don’t, they can be sued for negligence.

Slip and Fall — Accident or Negligence?

In any slip and fall case, negligence has to be proven in order for the victim to be awarded damages. For example, if you take a shower and get some water on the linoleum floor, then slip and fall as you get out of the shower, this would be considered an accident. Just because you slip and fall on the property of the homeowner doesn’t make the landlord automatically liable.

However, there are some cases when a landlord does exhibit negligence that results in a renter slipping and falling. You would need to prove that your landlord was the cause of the dangerous situation that led to your fall. Or, you’ll have to prove at the very least that the property owner was aware of dangerous conditions and didn’t take any action to remedy the situation.

Why You Should Hire a Snow Slip and Fall Expert

If you are the victim of negligence by a landlord involving slipping and falling in snowy or icy conditions, you’ll probably need a snow slip and fall expert. Why?

  1. Experts in Weather Conditions. Snow slip and fall experts are essentially winter weather experts. They also have extensive experience and training in snow and ice removal. Their expertise and command of the facts can help prove your case.
  2. Your Case Will Be Stronger. According to David Burg of, negligence can be difficult to prove in slip and fall cases. Victims who have a snow slip and fall expert, though, will most likely be taken more seriously. An expert can help show that you’re concerned not simply with compensation, but with improving conditions so no one else gets hurt.

If You Need a Snow Slip and Fall Expert

All renters have rights. If you’ve been injured because of some negligence on the part of your landlord, contact Jeremy Swenson Consulting today. We are snow slip and fall experts and can help you argue your case. A negligent landlord needs to be held accountable if he was aware of dangerous conditions and didn’t do anything to care for their rental properties. Our experts can show where there was negligence and even recommend ways to remedy the situation.

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