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iStock_000058508316_SmallIf you are a business owner, you know there is a risk of being involved in a liability suit. Being involved in a lawsuit is not a situation in which anyone wants to find himself. But being accused of negligence and being found guilty of something that contributed to the injury of another person is particularly difficult.

Why Businesses End Up In Liability Suits

There really is no end to the list of reasons why a company could be accused of negligence. These include product defects, failing to follow safety guidelines for their employees and not having enough security during a Black Friday mega sale. Another reason that is specific to companies doing business in states that see rainy, snowy and icy winters—the slip and fall case.

3 Reasons You Should Hire a Snow and Ice Slip and Fall Expert Witness

When a company finds itself in a liability suit due to a snow and ice slip and fall situation, the owners really need to consider hiring an expert witness. Here’s why:

  1. Being Accused of Negligence in a Liability Case. Someone who slips and falls may or may not have a case of negligence against the company on whose property he or she fell. There are many factors to take into consideration in order to determine whether a company was guilty of negligence. A snow and ice slip and fall expert witness is the person who can examine the evidence and offer an unbiased, accurate opinion.
  2. What Happens When A Company Is Found Guilty of Negligence? If you don’t have an expert to speak for your company, you might find yourself in an even worse situation — you may be found guilty. This will cost your company a lot. Not only will you be responsible for the medical expenses of the victim, you’ll probably be responsible for their legal fees, lost salary and the cost of pain and suffering. And your company’s reputation might be hurt along the way as well.
  3. Weather Related Slip and Fall Cases Can Go Either Way. In order to win their case, the victim’s attorney has to prove that the company was negligent. According to the New York City Bar Association’s website, they also have to prove that the company knew about the situation and didn’t do anything about it. A snow and ice slip and fall expert witness can provide an accurate opinion as to who may be at fault.

Finding a Snow and Ice Slip and Fall Expert Witness Who Fits Your Needs

When you find yourself in the center of a liability case, you want to find someone who is an expert and who has a lot of experience. Simply being accused of negligence can hurt your business’ reputation, but being found guilty could do a lot more damage. If you are dealing with such a situation, call the consulting firm of Jeremy Swenson. With more than fifteen years of experience as snow and ice slip and fall expert witnesses, they’ll provide a professional and thorough service.

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