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In many cases brought before a court of law the evidence and testimony is fairly clear-cut and it is not difficult to present it in a way that is easily understood. In other cases there are gray areas, and the assistance of an expert witness may help present opinions and explanations to make it easier for a jury to understand one side of a case.

You’re Probably Not an Expert

As a business owner, you’re an intelligent person. You started something from the ground up that has become a successful business venture, a way to earn a living and to possibly help others earn a living, too. Owning and running a successful business shows not only your intelligence, but your work ethic, passion and dedication. These are all admirable qualities, but they don’t make you an expert witness in every case. If you are being questioned about your business, then yes — you’re an expert. But when it comes to things like weather conditions, snow removal techniques and requirements, or slip and fall accidents — you’re probably not an expert.

2 Signs You Need a Snow Removal Accident Expert Witness

When someone slips and falls on your business property, there is a very good chance you’ll need to hire a snow removal accident expert witness. According to, there are a couple of specific reasons for this.

  1. You Need Scientific or Technical Evidence. A snow removal accident expert witness is an expert in a number of different, yet related, areas: snow removal techniques, policies and procedures, and requirements; and snow or ice slip and fall accidents. They know about conditions that contribute to accidents and can study weather reports in order to validate a claim made against your company. Your attorney doesn’t have the time or expertise to carry out this type of work. Because a snow removal accident expert witness has studied and trained in this field for many years, he or she can give you the assistance you are looking for to clarify certain points.
  2. Specialized Knowledge is Key. If you ask most people about the standard practices and operations of snow removal, you’re going to get a lot of blank stares. This is just one of the many areas in life that we don’t have detailed knowledge of. Fortunately, there are people who study these things for a living. They can testify whether the practices employed by your company were safe or contributed to an accident based on their knowledge and ability to asses the scene of the accident.

Finding the Right Snow Removal Accident Expert Witness

Not everyone claiming to know about snow removal is going to be a full-fledged expert. Proper study, training and experience are keys to true expertise. If you’re looking for a snow removal accident expert witness, contact us today. We’ll be happy to assist you with your expert witness needs.

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