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Some people love snow! A lot of people really hate snow! Every year millions of people move south to get away from the snow, but then they travel north to play in the snow. And no one can make the snow go away, unless they have a snow shovel or a plow.

A Snow Expert is a Valuable Asset When Wintry Weather Possibly Contributes to an Accident

Weather of all kinds impacts our daily lives, but snow and ice are probably the weather conditions most likely to cause accidents. Over 25% of car accidents happen due to ice or snow, and over a half million people are injured every year in accidents directly attributable to winter weather conditions. When accidents happen, a lot of people get involved and often the assistance of a winter weather expert is required to figure out the cause and effect for legal reasons.

Who Qualifies as a Snow Expert?

snow expert

Think about it. Who deals with snow on wintry days when blizzards are raging and most people are home under the covers? The dedicated people who work in the snow-removal business! Twenty-four hours a day these men and women are out in the elements, plowing snow and salting the ice to make life better and safer for everyone. Roads and sidewalks need to be made safe and secure so the rest of us can get to work. And there is more to the snow removal industry than just driving a plow.

Snow removal is known as snow and ice management, and it is a complex business. Competent and reliable practitioners are certified and become members of the Accredited Snow Contractors Association and receive certification by the Snow and Ice Management Association. Chemicals and other methods are used to remove and manage snow and ice, and knowledge of their proper use is critical to remaining at the top of this critical industry.

How Does a Snow Expert Help with Accident Investigations?

When wintry weather is involved in any accident, a snow expert is often called on to offer helpful testimony as an expert witness to explain the way weather may have contributed to the situation. Jeremy Swensom has been running one of the largest snow removal companies in the mid-west United States for over 15 years. He has acted as a consultant to major corporations and has been certified by all the leading associations.

Jeremy is also called upon for his expertise when it is required in court. His expert-witness testimony has been valuable in the pursuit of truth and he has the ability to explain terms and concepts to juries in a way that is clear and concise.

Reaching Jeremy is accomplished by calling (816) 564-9131 or if you wish to have an online response you may click here and provide us with your contact information.

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