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Considerations  When Choosing Snow & Ice Expert Witnesses

• Specialized Knowledge & Certifications

•  Experience as a Snow Removal Expert Witness

• Opinion Based on Skill, Facts, Data & Reliable Principles and Methods

An expert witness in snow and ice removal often creates weather reports. Other reports that document the conditions for the day, weather conditions and common pitfalls on properties are used as well. These summaries are relevant for all case parties to consider. How did the weather play a role? What circumstances and treatment of those weather conditions were in play? Reports may show how the property effectively (or not) was prepared and treated in the areas that contributed to an issue. However, snow and ice removal depends on many factors. Snow removal may involove specific anti-icing and de-icing methods, pre-treatment, during and post treatment property management, signage and more. Ask to see a sample report and interview the witness over the phone or better yet in person when possible to see how they present their specialized knowledge of the industry.

Who’s Who and What’s What?

Look for a contractor who is a CSP professional. You’ll also want someone who has years of experience working in the field. Training and experience matter when it comes to expert testimony and you’ll want to make sure that your snow and ice removal expert witness has a long history of providing good, reputable service and the property credentials to support expert testimony.

Many of the concepts and practices involved with snow removal are complex. The expert takes these complexities and explains them to non experts in an understandable manner. An expert witness also helps to quantify the actual effects or probability of certain damages. Particularly in cases where there is limited data, consider third party audited data such as weather reports from the National Weather Service to include with the expert witness testimony to ensure that the facts are reported correctly.

snow and ice weather reports

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