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Weather Data Revealed

Many individuals claim they have suffered a slip and fall injury on properties but it’s important to get a snow removal expert witness to verify the weather reports for the time of the accident as a starting point to examining the facts. A snow removal accident expert witness is able to look at reports for the day of the accident and determine if the conditions were right for an actual accident.

The truth is, weather data can shed a lot of light on the events surrounding slip and fall accidents. When you hire a snow removal expert witness, they can use their resources to bring up the weather reports for that day and show how that weather data pertains to the events.


Establishing the relevance of the weather to an individuals claim against your business is crucial. In many cases, a written statement about the conditions is provided that relates the conditions to the property and how the property would be affected accordingly.

While it may be surprising for many property owners to learn, weather data that is accurate and detailed is verifiable and written reports citing multiple sources are a good practice and use of a witness. Third-party weather services are required to locate and pull up data on a specific dates and location. Generalized weather reports don’t typically provide all of the data you need either. Ask for custom reports to show how specific weather conditions are relevant. A well-written report may can help ensure your facts are properly represented.

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