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Images of snowmen, sledding, and hot chocolate by the fire come to mind on snowy days. However, in practice, they frequently entail constant shoveling and snowplowing to exit the driveway and go to work or conduct errands. So, you might wonder how much snow removal would cost when the flakes fall in your neighborhood. Hand-shoveling snow at home requires a lot of work and can be dangerous. It is less expensive, safer, and takes less time to hire a snow removal service than renting tools for each snowfall.

Snow Removal Cost: Methods Snow Removal Companies Use

It’s possible that many customers are unaware of the various methods snow removal businesses can bill for their services. Let’s examine a few of them below.

Hourly Rate

In the event that the snow removal company of your choice decides to bill by the hour, expect to pay between $25 and $75 for their services. You’ll pay less for the services of hourly snow removal firms if you have less snow to clear because many of them bill in 15-minute increments.

Per Season

Seasonal contracts may be provided by snow removal firms. If you live somewhere that consistently receives snowfall, this is a fantastic alternative. We do not advise purchasing a seasonal contract, nevertheless, if snowfall in your location is erratic. In the event that you choose a seasonal snow removal contract and do receive consistent snowfall each winter, you should budget between $350 and $450. Make sure you thoroughly read your contract so you are aware of its conditions.

Usually, a specific amount of snowfall will be required to schedule your snow removal services. Any amount of snowfall that falls short of this level is your responsibility. Additionally, you should find out when and how often your snow removal service will visit your house to clear snow.

For Each Event

For each event, the cost of the snow removal service ranges from $30 to $75. A per-event contract is a wonderful option if you’re looking for dependable snow removal services but don’t get enough snow to commit to a seasonal agreement. As with a seasonal contract, though, just make sure you know how much snowfall is required to schedule a visit.

Every Visit

Paying for each visit is an additional choice. Finding a reputable snow removal business ahead of time is a good idea, but in any case, the average cost per visit for snow removal is between $30 and $50.

For Every Inch

Measuring the amount of snow by inch is a less common way to bill for the service. According to reports, this procedure can cost anywhere from $60 to $95 for the first six inches of snow and an extra $30 for each following six inches.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Snow Removal Company

Nothing is more enjoyable than letting the snow fall and not caring because you know you won’t need to plow it. That could be the main advantage of hiring a snow removal service.

However, many people overlook the additional benefit of injury prevention. When shoveling snow, older persons are more likely to sustain injury. The American Heart Association states that shoveling snow might cause heart attacks because it involves unexpected physical exertion after months of inactivity.

Taking on Snow Removal Yourself vs. Hiring an Expert

Shoveling snow is something you can definitely accomplish on your own without hiring an expert if you can manage it. However, hiring a snow removal service can be beneficial if you live in a place where there is a lot of snowfall, you’re elderly, injured, or otherwise feel like you can’t shovel snow. And even though the cost will be higher than if you had shoveled the snow yourself, the peace of mind that comes with your driveway and walkway having safer, less slick surfaces makes the expense worthwhile.


These prices are considering snow removal only. There are other services that be wanted or needed, such as pre-salting before a winter event, or post-salting after snow removal. Snow removal costs vary according to your location and the amount of snowfall you receive each year. The average cost to remove snow nationwide is $100. You may have to pay more in places where there is a greater demand for snow removal services—like the northern states—than in areas where snowfall is infrequent. 

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