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Winter is approaching, whether you’re looking forward to it or not. It’s time to haul out the shovels, adjust the snowblower, and prepare for the return of snow, that dependable companion of every winter. There are certain zones around our homes that need particular attention when it comes to snow removal. One of those zones is the driveway and sidewalks around your home. Keeping this zone snow-free will help you and your family come and go as needed.

Use these snow and ice removal strategies this winter to keep your driveways and walkways clear and safe.

Mark Walkways and Driveways Before the Storm 

Whether you use a shovel or a snowblower, marking the limits of your driveways and walkways is useful, especially if you contract out your snow and ice removal. When the environment is heavily covered in snow, it might be challenging to distinguish between your driveway or walkway and your lawn. When clearing snow and ice off your property, it will be easier for you to stay on the pavement if you mark these places with tall stakes.

Invest In and Maintain High-Quality Equipment

Investing in high-quality snow removal equipment is important if you live in snow-prone areas. A high-quality shovel or snowblower will last longer between replacements and make clearing snow off your property easier if you spend a little bit more money on it.

Check out online reviews for snowblowers and shovels. Make sure your snowblower is ready for the first snowfall by taking the time to perform some preventive maintenance. Check to see if everything is in working condition by giving it a thorough inspection, and replace or repair any broken parts. In addition to changing the oil, fill up the gas tank. 

Prioritize Safety 

Shoveling can be physically taxing, particularly if the snow is thick and wet. To prevent harm:

  • Lift with your legs, making sure the shovel’s blade is in close proximity to your torso.
  • To prevent overstretching one side, alternate between using your left and right hands when shoveling and alternate between using an overhand and underhand grip.
  • Remain upright and refrain from swaying side to side.

Even though operating a snowblower could be less taxing on the back, misuse can still result in harm. When using your snowblower:

  • Always store shields in the appropriate location.
  • Aim the chute away from structures, cars, and people.
  • Keep your feet and hands away from any moving parts.
  • Be aware of everything in your path. In addition to harming the snowblower itself, an object churned into it has the potential to be thrown into the air and injure someone.

Throughout the snow removal procedure, take frequent breaks to warm up indoors and rest your arms and back. Head inside, get a cup of cocoa and relax before leaving again. Taking regular pauses is important to prevent damage or overexertion.

Remove Snow in Stages

Snow removal is best approached in phases. During a snowfall, you should ideally go outside sometimes to shovel or blow snow. You won’t need to move large amounts of snow at once if you stay on top of it. 

If you do decide to wait until after a storm, gradually remove the snow. Starting from the top and working your way down to the pavement, shovel the top few inches off. Take care not to pack your shovel too full; only move as much snow as you can manage to move.

Where to Put the Snow?

To avoid shoveling the same snow twice, pay attention to where you are throwing the snow. Avoid piling snow directly next to your driveway or sidewalk since this may cause it to tumble back down onto the concrete. Rather, remove every shovelful of snow from the area that has to be cleared.

Furthermore, avoid piling snow close to the foundation of your house because the moisture from melting snow might seep in, creating a wet basement and possibly causing foundation damage. Snow does have some insulating qualities, but when it is close to your house, it loses most of that ability and may even cause harm.


Even while following these tips may help you remove snow and ice more safely and effectively, hiring professionals to do the job is still the best course of action. 

Snow removal specialists can assist in realizing your dream of never having to shovel or blow snow off your driveway or walkways again. Services for clearing snow may include removing snow from your driveway, keeping your paths clear, sanding and salting before storms, and removing snow and/or ice in a safe and uniform manner.

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