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When the weather gets cold and snowy, there’s more to think about than just how to stay warm! Winter weather can be hazardous when there is ice and slippery conditions. When someone falls due to negligent care during winter weather, they’re eligible to file a slip and fall claim. As a business or property owner, you want to ensure this doesn’t happen and that you are legally protected if it does. 

This is where a weather audit comes in! If you’re involved in a slip and fall case, a weather audit will help substantiate your case and present the information you need 

What is a Weather Audit?  

A weather audit is verified information based on weather reports and data that is used to substantiate a slip and fall claim. Jeremy Swenson, slip and fall expert, and his team at Swenson Consulting have expertise in this area and can pull relevant information to present for your case.  

Slip and fall accidents are quite common. Same-level falls account for 19% of workplace injuries, and weather hazards are one of the main culprits. Because they are so common, weather audits and slip and fall expert prevention and planning is needed from every company.  

Weather audits are part of slip and fall expert prevention and planning. It’s a way to protect yourself against claims and substantiate efforts that are being taken to prevent slip and fall accidents.  

What are the Benefits of Weather Audits for Slip and Fall Cases?  

The main benefit of a weather audit is that it substantiates or validates a slip and fall case. That’s why it’s such an important part of slip and fall expert prevention and planning. There are many benefits to getting a weather audit, including:  

  • Presenting information in a clear, logical way. 
  • Substantiating your slip and fall claim throughout the legal process.  
  • Providing custom information about how the weather audit is relevant to the case and accident. 

For a slip and fall accident claim to be viable, there is a high burden of proof to determine if the property is liable. These cases heavily rely on evidence and data to substantiate claims. A weather audit, therefore, is an important part of the case and an important part of slip and fall expert prevention and planning.  

It can be hard to access accurate information, but at Swenson Consulting—led by Jeremy Swenson, slip and fall expert—we use third party independent weather services to make sure we get accurate information.  

Ask Jeremy Swenson, Slip and Fall Expert Witness 

Each slip and fall case is unique and needs to be handled that way. No two incidents are the same, and each business has a different slip and fall expert prevention and planning process. But no matter how you manage slip and fall expert prevention and planning, you might need a weather audit completed.  

If you’re unsure whether you need one, or need a custom weather audit, reach out to us at Swenson Consulting. Jeremy Swenson, slip and fall expert witness, has years of experience working with individuals and businesses to provide them information for slip and fall cases. Let’s talk and make sure you’re ready for any slip and fall claim that comes your way! 

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