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We’ve all either experienced it ourselves or know someone who has—slipping and falling once the weather gets cold and the snow moves in! Some states see more than 80 inches of snowfall each year and a full month’s worth of snow days. Snow and ice are, obviously, slippery and can cause serious slip and fall accidents. We’ve seen first-hand at Swenson Consulting why snow and ice prevention and planning are so important for business owners.

Without snow and ice prevention and planning, there can be serious injuries from slip and fall accidents. In fact, slips and falls account for over 1 million annual emergency room visits and are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims. It’s important to connect with a snow slip and fall expert to understand your liability as a business owner and ensure you are doing your part to keep everyone safe!

The first step to snow and ice prevention and planning is understanding what the potential risks are. Here are some of the most common snow and ice slip and fall accidents that happen, so businesses can better prepare.

Common Snow and Ice Slip and Fall Accidents

Some people might think that the only slip and fall accident is due to ice on the ground. But there’s more to it than that! Winter weather can be hazardous for a variety of reasons, meaning there are a variety of common slip and fall accidents:

1.      Wet and slippery floors or surfaces (from ice, melted snow, rain, or snow).

2.      Poor visibility that causes someone to slip and fall due to not being able to see well.

3.      Snow covering uneven or broken sidewalks and surfaces, causing someone to slip and fall.

4.      Ice covering sidewalks, particularly if they’re on an incline.

5.      Snow covering steps, making it hard to know where each step is located.

6.      Lack of skid-resistant surfaces on stairs or ramps.

All of these conditions can cause a snow and ice slip and fall accident. It’s important for business owners to understand what might happen once the winter weather starts up so that they can prepare and plan for it.

Without adequate snow and ice prevention and planning, people are at risk of slip and fall accidents. Depending on their age, physical ability, previous injuries, and vision, someone may incur serious injuries like broken bones, head injuries, or scratches, bruises, and scrapes.

Slip and Fall Expert Services

A key part of your snow and ice prevention and planning is having a slip and fall expert on your team. Jeremy Swenson, a slip and fall expert, has worked with countless business owners and legal professionals to provide support and information for lawsuits and accidents because of snow and ice.

Jeremy Swenson, a slip and fall expert, provides snow removal expert witness services for slip and fall cases. Knowing your responsibilities and who can help you if you ever get involved in legal trouble is a key part of snow and ice prevention and planning.

If you need snow removal consulting and want to connect with Jeremy Swenson and learn more about snow and ice prevention and planning, contact us today!

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