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Winter storms never come at a convenient time. It’s easy to feel unprepared when a storm is already on the way. Storms can cost unprepared property owners or operators weeks of work and revenue. In order to keep customers, employees, and others on the property safe, commercial properties must be treated for snow, ice, and freezing temperatures ahead of the storm’s arrival. Being prepared will help you pass the storm with significantly less worries. If you need a snow removal expert to ensure your business is ready for the next storm, reach out to Swenson Consulting.

Here is a Prep List for your Commercial Properties during Winter Storms:

1. Roofs, Gutters, and Drainage

One of the best ways to secure your building for heavy snow is to control and divert drainage.The best way to do so is by making sure any runoff is steered away from the buildings, walkways, and other high traffic areas where freezing moisture could cause accidents. Gutters should be cleaned often to insure they don’t freeze over and cause blockage; this blockage can ultimately lead to roof damage and leaks. Storm drains and channel drains should also be checked to make sure they are functioning properly to prevent water gathering. There may be a need for ice melting products to prevent these areas from freezing. Posting signs in this area is a good idea to help people stay aware of their surroundings and reduce liability.

2. Sidewalks, Parking Lots, Pedestrian Paths 

The best way to avoid snow and ice accumulating on the paths your customers and employees will be traversing is to prepare ahead of time. Applying ice melting products before the snow falls will hep prevent the snow piling up and turning into dangerous ice. The best way to apply salt is to pre-wet the areas, allowing salt to dissolve and activate. Liquid de-icers don’t need activation, but when combined with salt, most create a brine that will be effective against ice build up. It’s important to the safety of all guests that parking lots, accessibility ramps, stairs and doorways are also pretreated to make sure they don’t become a slipping hazard.

3. Landscape Preparation

Maintaining your landscaping before a winter storm will save you money when spring time arrives. Plants and shrubs get harmed in the heavy snow and abrupt freezes. Burlap cover will help protect your landscaping from the freezing temperatures. Burlap can also keep your plants protected from salts and de-icers that can harm them. Outdoor furniture should also be taken inside or covered in order to make sure they don’t get damaged or rusted in the stormy weather. 

5. Stock Up on Supplies

While preventative preparation is the best way to keep storm damage under control, if it’s safe, maintaining your property during a snowstorm can be incredibly helpful. Periodically moving the snow and adding more ice melting products can keep precipitation from accumulating and is much easier on the body. Keep a couple essentials handy, like snow shovels, melting products, and warm clothes so that you can get ahead of the game while staying safe.

Swenson Consulting is a snow removal expert who can guide you more thoroughly on how to properly maintain your commercial property.

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