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Slip and fall accidents are among the most common reasons for personal injury lawsuits. These accidents must be properly proven in order to determine outcome. Negligence, along with liability, are some of the major obstacles that must be overcome when examining each case. One of the best ways to provide a fair and accurate assessment as to the facts is to enlist the services of a snow removal expert witness.

There are many variables in a slip and fall case involving snow and ice. According to, it is important to document the events surrounding the slip and fall injury. Negligence must be established, proving that the contractor responsible for clearing away the snow and ice may be negligent, along with the property owner. In order to prove this, a snow removal expert witness will certainly provide the professional insight necessary to provide an accurate assessment of the facts.

Sometimes, proper care is not taken when clearing snow and ice away from buildings, parking lots and sidewalks. Other times, snow is simply not removed when it should be. When improper or negligent snow removal has occurred, it should be documented if possible.

Photographic evidence, documentation, and eye-witnesses are key elements in building a credible case, according to the Wisconsin Law Journal. Hiring an expert witness will offer a professional look at the facts.

A professional witness offers the expertise to assess the evidence and testimony, then offer an informed opinion. A detailed accident analysis and site review is necessary sometimes along with a written report including photographs. A comprehensive review of the facts, reported findings and testimony provide information needed should a case go to trial. The help of a certified snow removal expert witness will provide a case with accurate data, evidence, and testimony.

As a Certified Snow Professional, CSP, Jeremy Swenson provides reliable consulting services for snow-related legal proceedings. Swenson Consulting is available nationally and Jeremy is stationed in the Kansas City area.


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