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iStock_000001627771_SmallIn any type of high stakes litigation related to snow and ice removal, the testimony from an expert witness can be essential for cutting through complex ideas and setting the record straight. It’s not expected that each judge be familiar with all the finer aspects of injury cases, and this is one of the primary reasons that a slip and fall expert witness may be requested.

A slip and fall case can have serious repercussions for all parties involved. The party who has been injured may be facing medical bills and a long recovery, but a property management company or other defendant could be damaged financially by a verdict in the plaintiff’s favor. With snow and ice removal, property owners and managers could be found liable if they are seen as negligent in the care of the property. An injured individual could expose these companies to serious financial risk in the event of a personal injury claim.

As such, a slip and fall expert witness can provide particular testimony and accidents related to snow and ice removal. There are several different roles that an expert witness might play in such a case, and these are outlined below.

Building a Case

While the traditional view of the expert witness in any property liability case has been to provide input at trial, this is not the only way to rely on the knowledge offered by a snow and ice removal expert witness. An attorney might decide to work with an expert witness before the trial even begins to craft the appropriate strategy to defend or try a case.

In certain situations, an attorney might need outside expertise about a particular issue that could be essential to establishing liability. Therefore, the opinion offered by an expert witness could help strengthen a case before he or she ever enters the courtroom. Consider hiring an expert witness early on to learn about all the possible benefits of his or her knowledge.

Addressing Unique Questions

These cases often have unique facts or questions involved, and the testimony of an expert witness can illuminate issues for the judge. Especially when liability is the key factor in a case, an expert witness can offer an opinion about whether negligence was at play. This testimony alone can have a significant impact on the outcome of a case. If there are complex issues involved in snow and ice removal, and particularly if there is limited evidence or other challenges that leave a lot of gray area in the case, an expert witness can help to fill in the gaps.

Quantifying Damages

It’s not always easy to arrive at a specific damage number in snow and ice removal property liability cases. These kinds of cases have their own unique elements. Someone with a background in the field might discuss how damages could be quantified, and this can have critical ramifications for all involved parties.

Your snow and ice removal expert witness might play one or more of these roles in your case. When you work with the right individual, expert witness testimony can be essential for your case outcome.


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