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Whether you are the one injured in a slip and fall or you are the one that owns the property where the incident occurred, 

Jeremy Swenson is Unbiased

Jeremy Swenson Consulting can offer an unbiased reporting of the duty of care in such an event.  Most ice and snow-related slip and fall accidents happen in parking lots and sidewalks of businesses. 

Jeremy Swenson is Experienced

Jeremy Swenson is well versed in the policies and procedures that apply to the liability of the business owners. Having founded, owned, and operated his own snow removal company in Kansas City, Missouri, Jeremy Swenson has experience navigating slip and fall accidents and takes great pride in holding up an exemplary standard of care in an effort to both protect the company while at the same time caring for the safety and well being of the customers. One very important measure taken to safeguard a company and its customers during the winter months is to regularly inspect the property to ensure it is safe and maintained for all who come and go. Swenson Consulting is knowledgeable of the standards and can present those standards as a plumbline to assist in the  determination of whether negligence was in fact an issue.

Jeremy Swenson is an Expert Witness

Although Jeremy Swenson is not a lawyer, he is a reputable snow and ice prevention and management expert. As a CSP, Certified Snow Professional is able to use his knowledge and understanding of the standards and duty of care to help clients get the help they need. Call today for a consultation 816 564-9131

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