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A CSP-Certified Snow Professional is one who has been specifically trained to manage a snow and ice business with a top-shelf standard of excellence. A CSP Certification is specialized in that it intertwines the snow and ice business, its operations, public relations, and marketing with the legal aspects that come into play when caring for customers and personnel.

More Than Just Personal Experience

Just like Jeremy Swenson, a CSP trained individual may have had invaluable personal experience from owning and running their own snow and ice removal company but adding such a nationally recognized certification more fully equips the individual with a standard of professionalism and accountability that sets them apart from any other snow and ice expert witness. This standard of care and accountability is not static through one-time training but continually upheld, and renewed with the latest up to date information to keep the snow professional prepared on the front lines.

Objectives of the CSP

  • To be an exemplary leader in the industry
  • To commit to continuing education, accountability, and regular self evaluation
  • To use and implement personal experience to help raise the standard of care 
  • To demonstrate trustworthiness and discernment 
  • To display environmental responsibility
  • To demonstrate exceptional knowledge of the principles and practices of the profession
  • To effectively communicate these principles and practices to the community and other industry leaders

CPS training raises the bar for the snow and ice management professional. It not only carries with it a gold standard of professionalism but also carries with it the weight of responsibility to uphold that standard when reviewing and representing any given case or client. Jeremy Swenson Consulting stands by this standard as a nationally recognized Certified Snow Professional.

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