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Snow or Ice Related Fall

Falls are far more frequent during the winter months due to snowy and icy conditions. Landlords and others may sometimes be held responsible for the damages that occur as a result of snow or ice related falls. There are many factors that are considered when reviewing an injury case such as this. Every case is different and has a unique set of circumstances. Some important factors include:

  • Length of Time The Snow or Ice Fell
  • How Long the Landlord/Owner Was Aware of the Problem
  • Whether the Snow or Ice was Properly Cleared
  • If Any Defects or Problems Contributed to the Danger
  • Whether the Landlord Attempted to Resolve the Problem

When a personal injury case goes to court it requires as much evidence as possible. Assistance from a professional snow removal expert witness can be helpful in providing testimony regarding whether snow or ice removal conditions and a professional opinion on how the property was managed during the weather event. Coupled with a meteorological report, the data will be essential in giving a true picture of exactly what happened on the day and time the injury occurred. The best results will be obtained when the information is provided by a qualified expert witness in snow and ice removal.

ICE Sidewalk

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