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Snow Removal

Snow and ice are winter hazards in most of the country. People try to remove the snow in various ways and oftentimes do not know many of the dangers involved in the snow removal process. Some snow removal techniques are more successful than others. In fact, improper snow removal can actually create a more dangerous situation. Yet, we need to be able to clear our walkways and parking lots. The answer is to utilize the snow removal methods that match the weather and snow conditions.

Snow Removal Dangers and Causes

Improper snow removal can cause slip and fall accidents because of residual ice or uneven surfaces. Couple this with fresh snowfall or falling temperature and the result can be a walkway that is more slippery than ever. What makes some areas worse than others is ice under the top layer, which is not easily seen. People get a false sense of security when the ground looks manicured but do not realize the snow removal dangers lurking just below.

Snow Removal Expert Witness

Snow removal must be done properly in order to create a safe surface. If snow is removed too soon, additional snow will accumulate. If it is removed too late, it may be impossible to get rid of it all. When someone injures themselves because of a fall on snow or ice it may result in litigation. A snow removal expert witness is helpful in providing the precise information necessary to understand and resolve the case.

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