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Tip Top Snow Shape

Protect your patrons and your property! You cannot always avoid claims by residents, but there are steps you can take that show how you have done enough preparations to protect them from the elements. Let’s face it, accidents do happen though so if there is a slip and fall accident, at least you have taken the necessary precautions to ensure a safe environment like snow removal services. Meeting with a snow removal consulting expert can help and here are some initial ideas to get you started below.

Set Up a Sustainable Snow Removal Policy

Snow removal consultants can help you set up guidelines, written policies and executable snow removal practices to limit accidents. They will work with you to determine the types of snow removal you will need and they can give you property related snow removal plans to help reduce your liability by implementing safe measures. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Monitor Intense Winter Weather

If you have to deal with large amounts of snowfall and wild weather swings, consider subscribing to a reliable weather service that will moniter and alert you to dangerous storms or weather changes. The snow belt consists of states between Minnesota and Maine, but any state with inclement weather can have accidents related to snow and ice. We have reports in Florida if accidents even this year and the monitoring these weather patterns is always a key to staying ahead of potential slip and fall accidents.

The Long and Short of Storms

Often when the weather starts changing for the worse, there are short term and long term techniques to consider for treating snow and ice which may vary drastically depending on how long that storm lasts. Ask your snow removal consulting expert to address this issue in your planning specifically when to pretreat, repeat treatments to avoid refreezing and find out how many treatements are required to maintain clean surfaces at what rate of snowfall and temps.

Technology Tips the Scale

Technology has made snow removal easier and one tip to consider is to ask for GPS tracking or “check in” points to log the time and location of each service. Smart phones with GPS tracking can also be an easy way to take before and after photos of sidewalls and parking lots with a time and date stamp. Tracking the management of ice and snow removal is a highly effective precaution and a good snow removal consulting expert will advise you to which software, apps and best practices are available to help protect your property further with the appropriate documentation.

A Sign for the Times

One of the simplest ways to reduce your liability is to post relevant warnings signs to occupants. While a sign won’t protect you in the event of a slip and fall accident, it could help prevent the accident in the first place. Each property is going to have a unique setup. Evaluate potential trouble zones and place signs there to make the property safer. This is crucial to making your property safe. Make the necessary investments in signage to protect your interests as well as your residents. When you post signs, indicate to residents that they also need to be responsible for their own safety as well. Subtle warnings can encourage responsible behavior.

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