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Snow Removal consulting is a field with few practitioners because it can be a very complex area because of different standards and statutes in many areas. Knowledge about snow removal techniques, equipment, and responsibilities are critical when examining a property and preparation planning for ice removal sometimes called a “ice removal site plan”.
Some snow removal consultants earn the ability to be recognized in court as expert witnesses. An expert witness is defined as a person who is permitted to testify at a trial because of special knowledge or proficiency in a particular field that is relevant to the case.

Reliability and Schedule Flexibility

Expert witnesses need to be reliable and have the ability to accommodate changing schedules. It is common for depositions, court dates, and other legal proceedings to be adjourned multiple times.

Credibility Perception

Expert witnesses specialize in representing both defendants or plaintiffs and are unbiased and provide professional expertise. The outcomes of trials are strict processes of the legal proceedings, judge, jury, and legal advisers guidance while the expert witness lends his or her specialized knowledge related to the facts of each case.


A competent consultant will have credentials that demonstrate his or her expertise and capabilities. Jeremy Swenson is a Certified Snow Professional. In addition to his certification, he stays current on the latest trends and techniques of ice removal. He enrolls in classes offered by the Snow & Ice Management Association and the Accredited Snow Contractors Association and is a member of both organizations. Mr. Swenson also owns Snowmen, Inc., one of the largest companies in the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area.As the owner of a ice removal company, Jeremy Swenson has personal knowledge implementing many of the  techniques and processes that he testifies about as an expert witness. His hands-on experience enhances and contributes to his authoritative knowledge.

Presentation Abilities and Expert Expertise

A skilled snow and ice consultant who is also an expert witness will have years of experience testifying in court, testifying in videotaped depositions, and interacting with lawyers, judges, and juries. Additionally, a  consultant should be able to analyze photographs and provide reports explaining their findings. Expert witnesses know that they may be presenting information to jury members and must be knowledgeable and have the ability to communicate to their audience sometimes complex and technical details concerning snow and ice.

While a snow-or-ice-related slip and fall expert witness may represent a plaintiff or a defendant, it is important to understand that he or she must remain unbiased and state only their opinion based on the facts of each specific case. Our system of justice must remain neutral where each participant has an equal opportunity to present facts and evidence which will be decided by an impartial judge or jury.

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