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Finding the Right Snow Removal Accident Expert Witness

Snow and ice cause dramatic injuries to people each year when they slip and fall. If your property is undergoing an investigation or someone has filed a claim against you, it’s important to know what to look for and what the varying credentials mean in finding the best snow removal expert witness. There are several factors that make a high-quality snow removal accident expert witness, including the knowledge, training and experience however, you also can’t overlook the importance of credentials.

Here are some of the industry standards and what they mean listed below.

The Certified Snow Professional (CSP)

A CSP certification indicates that your snow removal accident expert witness is a professional that meets the standards of professionalism and excellence in the snow removal industry. A very small percentage of snow professionals belong to this group, so it’s a good idea to find an expert witness that is CSP-certified.

The Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA)

This national group is for United States snow contractors. The organization sets the standards and protocols that all members of the snow removal community are expected to follow. If you can find a member of this organization or someone who works for the organization, you’ll stand a better chance of winning your case. The organization provides several events and resources for people who work in high-risk environments, and they will provide you with good insight into the requirements of snow removal assessment and issues.

The Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA)

If your snow removal accident expert witness isn’t part of the Snow and Ice Management Association, then they aren’t likely keeping up with the latest trends in snow removal. You need a reliable resource that is able to help you win your case, and SIMA provides regular training, certification and advocacy for specialists in the field of snow and ice removal.

The Importance of Experience

It’s possible to find snow removal accident expert witnesses who have several certifications. Make sure you interview them and ask them to provide a brief overview of how they might approach the facts and report on them. A real expert should be able to provide valuable insight with basic knowledge of the facts.

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