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After 5 months of snow we’re all over breaking out the snow shovel, but is it worth calling a snow removal expert? Snow removal can easily become something on our list of regrets. Here are the reasons to call in an experienced team:

1) Winter is Exceptionally Long

There are a million reasons to love the midwest. We have the wide-open spaces they sing about, but life in the midwest comes with one thing we always forget come July: a long winter. Winter here starts in November and can end close to May. We’ve all fallen for the “fool’s spring” where we box up our sweaters and pull out our shorts, only for a snowstorm the next weekend.

Then comes Sunday we’re shoveling our driveway so we don’t have to early Monday to get to work safely. Then we risk icy walkways coming as well. One of the biggest benefits to snow removal companies is treating the ice at the source. Though the normal civilian may not notice a potential for ice forming, a trained professional will be able to not only give you your Sunday back, but they’ll also treat the sidewalks to ensure you can walk safely on your way to work Monday morning.

2) Reduce Falls and Injuries

The easiest way to avoid a lawsuit is to keep your property safe. While in a perfect world, no one would come on your property uninvited, we don’t live in a perfect world. Strangers and even guests may slip and fall on your property causing a nasty legal situation.

Snow removal expert Jeremy Swenson warns that the CDC states ice and snow-related slip-and-falls cause thousands of injuries per year. People constantly underestimate the strain snow removal puts on the body. The sudden adjustment to the cold weather and the intense physical labor can cause blood clots and an increased heart rate in even the healthiest people.

The most common snow removal injury is the slip and fall. Slip and falls can cause everything from minor fractures to bone breaks. Falling on the ice will ruin your lower back and hips.

So at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, is it worth the risk?

A team of snow removal experts who specialize in slip and fall can help with prevention and help you with planning to avoid these incidents entirely.

3) Professionally Protect Your Property

When someone untrained uses incorrect tools on your property there is an increased chance of damage. After so many months of snow and not being able to see the ground, it’s hard to remember where that new patio or sidewalk is in the backyard. When using a shovel or a plow it’s easy to scratch, crack, and damage your property. Depending on how much time and money you invested in that project it can be the heart (or wallet) breaking to damage because you did a rush snow removal job. A professional crew is trained to come, assess the situation, and then act and remove the snow in a safe manner with an assortment of tools to keep your property safe and snow free. When in doubt ask Jeremy Swenson, the snow removal expert.

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