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We’re a little obsessed with winter weather here at Jeremy Swenson Consulting. Why? Our work as slip and fall experts exposes us to a wide range of challenging situations because of people who didn’t adequately prepare for winter weather conditions. We specialize in all things snow and ice and winter weather related.

As slip and fall experts, we know the importance of preparing for ice and snow, ensuring that you and everyone around you stay safe and warm during the winter season.

And while there are some states that don’t need to worry about it, most do experience some cold weather, perhaps even snow and ice.

Today, we’re talking about the states with the worst winter weather. And if you’re living in one of them, we encourage you to take some advice from your slip-and-fall experts at Jeremy Swenson consulting—prepare!

What Makes for Bad Winter Weather?

Okay, we have to admit “bad” weather is subjective. Some people love winter weather and can’t get enough of the snow! But unless you’re skiing all day every day, winter weather can be downright dreary.

Our list of states with the worst winter weather looks at a few factors:

7 States with the Worst Winter Weather

Note that these are in no particular order!

1.      North and South Dakota: It’s colder in the north, with temperatures in the minus 20s every year, tons of snow, and high-speed winds across the flat Great Plains. However, South Dakota’s not immune to winter weather—it’s only slightly warmer.

2.      Minnesota: Up to 170 inches of snow during the winter and temperatures can get all the way down to 60 degrees below zero!

3.      Michigan: Winter starts early here, with the winter weather lasting from November all the way until April. There’s little sun and tons of rain throughout the season.

4.      Alaska: Being so far north, it makes sense that Alaska’s on the list! It can be extremely cold here as well as extremely dark through the winter, with very few hours or daylight.

5.      Wisconsin: Cold, grey weather is a hallmark of this state during winter… not the worst, but not very nice either.

6.      Iowa: On top of regular old rain and snow, Iowa deals with frightening snowstorms, thunderstorms, and tornadoes through the winter.

7.      Washington: Though not as cold as other states, Washington might win for the dreariest winter weather with never-ending rain over the months.

What do you think—did we miss anything? There’s no exact science to determining the states with the worst winter weather, but these are somewhere near the top.

If you deal with cold, ice, and snow during the winter, it’s essential to prepare. Check out our other blogs:  10 tips to winterize your property and preparing your commercial property for snow.

And, as always, reach out to Jeremy Swenson, snow and ice expert, if you have any questions or concerns about dealing with winter weather conditions.

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