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Miles of Virginia Interstate 95, a major East Coast artery that is regularly a place of high traffic in good weather, unfortunately, froze to a standstill for almost 24 hours after a snowstorm swept through the Virginia region last Monday.

More so, the snowstorm and fallen trees caused massive delays and interruptions such as: the trapping of a plethora of vehicles for a large number of hours. Furthermore, according to authorities, they claimed that this was due to rain before the snow that had prevented them from treating the interstate with ice melt before the hazardous weather.

The Department of Transportation tweeted letting the public know that the highway was cleared out by 8:40 P.M whilst also letting individuals know that temperatures were going to drop below freezing during the night and had warned people that were going to be making the same journey as individuals that were stuck on Interstate 95 to avoid any travelling was deemed unnecessary. Also, despite the unfortunate event, state police had informed the public that there were no reports of any deaths, injuries, or any major accidents.

From a first-hand account, it was stated that “It looked like a war zone going through some of those areas… it’s a major interstate there’s really no reason why VDOT shouldn’t have been out.” Areas of Northern Virginia received up to 10 inches of snow, according to data from the National Weather Service. Last but not least, another individual stated, “It is nothing short of incompetence.” Many other drivers had criticized the state’s level of hazardous preparedness and had shown dismay in the government for budgeting for the removal of snow. Transportation authorities did not respond to questions immediately regarding the total cost of how much the I-95 cleanup would be compared to that of a typical winter.

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