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An extremely fatal winter storm approached the Northeast in Early February. It started in the Rockies and then headed to the Midwest bringing heavy snow, winds, and a harsh blizzard. Many on the East Coast faced one, two, or more feet of snow. More than 3,500 U.S. flights were canceled as well. 


It was predicted that the storm would affect a large part of the Northeast U.S. The weather reports recommended that travel be avoided at all costs during this time. Multiple areas were predicted to pick up at least six inches of snow. Denver reached an average of 10 inches of snow.


Winter events bring all sorts of hazardous challenges- ones that can actually create life threatening or at the very least altering effects. Proceeding through a dangerous ice and snow event without proper caution can pose a threat to your physical safety. It is not uncommon for these kinds of storm events to be taken lightly without a full understanding of the precautions that should be taken. Jeremy Swenson, snow and ice expert witness shares his expertise with clients who only wish they had have taken winter weather more seriously.

Take Proper Precaution 

During times of possible damaging effects that winter brings, it is important to take proper precautions for your home. Jeremy Swenson, snow, ce, Slip and Fall Expert recommends that one of the most important steps is to take care of your sidewalks, driveways and gutters during harsh winter storms like Landon. What many people do not realize is that all it takes is one slip and fall on the ice and it could result in years of surgery and rehabilitaion and, in some cases, never regaining the same mobility again.

Snow and Ice Expert Witness Advice

Jeremy Swenson, Snow and Ice Expert Witness, has experience in storm management as well as snow and ice removal. Years of working in the snow business has given him knowledge and experience that has helped many avoid slip and fall accidents as well as costly litigation. For questions regarding snow and ice slip and fall matters, call Jeremy Swenson, Snow and Ice  Expert Witness.

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