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Virginia Interstate 95 Traffic Jam

Virginia Interstate 95 Traffic Jam

Miles of Virginia Interstate 95, a major East Coast artery that is regularly a place of high traffic in good weather, unfortunately, froze to a standstill for almost 24 hours after a snowstorm swept through the Virginia region last Monday.…

Winterize Your Property

10 Tips to Winterize Your Property

As temperature lows are approaching the 30s here in the Kansas City area, it’s time to start thinking about winter weather preparation. Here are some things that both homeowners, renters, and commercial property owners alike should consider to prepare for…

Snow Expert Witness Services

Slip and Fall Prevention for Retailers

It’s a busy day in your shop - customers are shopping, your team is hard at work, and you’re there making sure everything is running smoothly. Until it doesn’t. One of your customers takes a serious fall. As you call…

Snow Removal Expert Witness

6 Tips For Preparing Your Business for Cold Weather

As fall and winter months are quickly approaching, what better time than now to start thinking about how to prepare your property for optimal snow and ice removal? Winter snow and ice removal services are vital to the safety of…

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