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Does Rock Salt Damage Block Paving?

Keeping walkways and other common areas ice-free and easy to traverse is often far more difficult than property owners expect. Many of the same applications that are used for expediting the melting of ice, sleet, and snow are incredibly corrosive.…

Snow Removal Consulting

How Long Does It Take for Salt to Melt Ice?

Throughout the colder months of winter, de-icing agents are frequently applied to roads, walkways, patios, stairs, and other outside surfaces. Road salt is currently the most popular application for creating safe, slip-proof areas that people can comfortably walk or drive…

Salt to Treat Winter Ice Disasters & De-icing with Salt

Stay Salty, Salt Ahead! Every winter countless cases of property damage, physical injuries, and even death are related to icy sidewalks and roadways. When water reaches 32 degrees it freezes and turns to ice, which is the cause of disastrous…

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