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Snowiest Places in the World

Places in the World with the Most Snow and Ice

Snow can be polarizing—some people love it, and some don’t. Jeremy Swenson, a snow and ice expert, has loved snow since he was a kid. And, over his life, he’s only grown to love it more! But with that love…

1921 Colorado snowfall

The Biggest Snowfall in History

Snow. Some people love it, and some people hate it. It can either create a magical environment during the holidays or be a big nuisance to clean up! But no matter how you feel about it, snow is something that…

Winterize Your Property

The Retirement Age of Snow Shoveling

After a life of shoveling snow, you finally feel like you have the perfect method down. You know your lawn and you’ll get the job done. However, while your method is perfect, your body isn't what it once was. USA…

Virginia Interstate 95 Traffic Jam

Virginia Interstate 95 Traffic Jam

Miles of Virginia Interstate 95, a major East Coast artery that is regularly a place of high traffic in good weather, unfortunately, froze to a standstill for almost 24 hours after a snowstorm swept through the Virginia region last Monday.…

Snow Removal Expert Witness

6 Tips For Preparing Your Business for Cold Weather

As fall and winter months are quickly approaching, what better time than now to start thinking about how to prepare your property for optimal snow and ice removal? Winter snow and ice removal services are vital to the safety of…

Snow Refreezing

What Are The Best Methods In Melting Ground Snow?

It may be summer. However, it is never too early for home and business owners to begin thinking about snow and, more importantly, how to rid their premises of said precipitation. Pileups of ground snow can not only prove bothersome…

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