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Snow Removal Expert Witness

Snow Removal for Residential Homes

After 5 months of snow we’re all over breaking out the snow shovel, but is it worth calling a snow removal expert? Snow removal can easily become something on our list of regrets. Here are the reasons to call in…

Winterize Your Property

Winter Storms Salt Supplies Across the Country

Due to recent winter storm events in the Northeast US, rock salt supplies are sparse and slowly thinning. This is extremely hard on contractors' bins and the snow and ice industry in general. Not only are snow and ice removal…

Snow And Ice Expert Jeremy Swenson

Winter Storm Landon Showered Snow and Ice Threats

An extremely fatal winter storm approached the Northeast in Early February. It started in the Rockies and then headed to the Midwest bringing heavy snow, winds, and a harsh blizzard. Many on the East Coast faced one, two, or more…

Virginia Interstate 95 Traffic Jam

Virginia Interstate 95 Traffic Jam

Miles of Virginia Interstate 95, a major East Coast artery that is regularly a place of high traffic in good weather, unfortunately, froze to a standstill for almost 24 hours after a snowstorm swept through the Virginia region last Monday.…

Black Ice

What is Black Ice, and How Do I Remove It?

Black ice on the roads will send cars spinning out of control.  On sidewalks, black ice can cause pedestrians to fall without warning. But what is black ice, anyway? Black ice is just a more compact and smoother version of…

Winterize Your Property

10 Tips to Winterize Your Property

As temperature lows are approaching the 30s here in the Kansas City area, it’s time to start thinking about winter weather preparation. Here are some things that both homeowners, renters, and commercial property owners alike should consider to prepare for…

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